Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Bubbles

Hiya! This is my blog, Happy Bubbles. I wonder if you're wondering how I came to the conlusion for the name...well let me tell ya!
I was sitting in one of those chairs that you get your hair done in...and well I was getting my hair done. I had originally gone for a trim and some blonde highlights, but when I got there my hair lady had some pink dye. So...my mom said that I could go ahead and get a pink streak in my hair! Now, I am a girl who walks to the beat of her own drum...some might even say I have my own drummer...so I love me some pink hair! So i was getting so excited, and so giddy...I couldn't explain how I felt. So I said, "Mommy, it feels like I have Happy Bubbles bursting inside my stomach!"
So after talking with my mom, we got the idea for me to make a blog of my little life revalations and thoughts...what I now like to call my "Happy Bubbles". So I hope you enjoy this blog, get some laughs, and maybe it'll even brighten your day.

With Love and Laughter,