Monday, July 6, 2009

Man's Best Friend

So Thursday, July 2nd was supposed to be an amazing day for me. Because I got my braces off, and that was totally exciting. But just as we were leaving the orthodontist...we get a call that one of my doggies (Lizzie...the other one's name is Roscoe) is missing. So long story short, we searched and searched and put tons of signs up. 3 days went by and we really didn't think we were going to get her back. Well, last night, we were at some friends house...and my mom gets a call. Someone has Lizzie. So we sped our way to McDonalds (the meeting place) and got our baby girl back. I was sooo happy. Lizzie is a special dog...she loves everybody. Shes Zach's playmate, Mom's cuddle buddy, Dad's bundle of happiness, and My best friend (hehe). So when we got her back, we were all so excited.
While she was gone, we all had to keep reminding ourselves that we hadn't lost a relative, and that alot of people around us are going through some pretty rough times. But when she was gone, it felt like we lost a family member. Because we did. If you have dogs you love, you understand what I mean. There's just something about them that warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Maybe it's the way they cock their head to the side, kiss your nose, or seem to just be screaming "pet me! pet me! im cute!". There's something about them that make us fall in love with them, something about them that just breaks our hearts. A dog can be your friend, your running buddy, or just a companion to you watch movies with. Great Dane, Beagle, Golden Retriever, Cockapoo...and everything in between....Dogs really are man (and womans!) best friend.

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