Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3 Year Olds...They're On To Something :)

So the other night I went on a babysitting adventure! haha. I watched precious twins, Chloe and Kinley, and their cute little cousin Collins. As I hung out with them, I was continually amazed by their imagination and the way they think the simplest thing is also the most amazing thing ever. They would walk around the house saying "Lets jump!" and then they'd just jump in the air, and then come back down laughing their heads off. It was precious. It made me realize that sometimes we just need to jump in the air, and come back down laughing. Instead of taking ourselves seriously, we need to just be amazed sometimes. I'm a very easily amused and amazed person, and alot of people tell me that I need to get a life, and get out more. But truth is, i love being the way I am. Life is more fun when you laugh at knock knock jokes, and when you think that a toaster has super powers. So join me. This week I challenge you to laugh something off, and be easily amazed by something instead of thinking "so what". This week i challenge you to channel your inner 4 year old, and have a blast with it!